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Suzana Profeta
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Suzana Profeta

I draw inspiration from the beauty of life, nature, and wildlife. I have a passion for creating artwork that conveys a realistic and nuanced feeling through the use of alcohol ink. My technique is constantly evolving, based on my experiments with new media, new techniques, and my experiences with oil and watercolor paints.

Currently, I am focusing on portraying animals and birds from the Danish fauna. I aim to connect the viewer with nature and invite them to reflect on its life and soul. I place great emphasis on creating aesthetically appealing artwork with a blend of organic shapes and colors that capture the eye and create an intense atmosphere.

I always strive to create artworks that invite the viewer to immerse themselves in the beauty and diversity.

I hope that my artworks can bring joy and understanding of nature to everyone who experiences them. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me better through this presentation of my artistic journey and for sharing my works with the world.

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Mine værker

'Fuglenes Lille Konge' af Suzana Profeta
80⨯120 cm (H⨯W)
13.400 DKK
Snog af Suzana Profeta
70⨯120 cm (H⨯W)
12.600 DKK
Det Sorte Dådyr af Suzana Profeta
80⨯120 cm (H⨯W)
19.200 DKK
Skovhornugle af Suzana Profeta
80⨯80 cm (H⨯W)
12.800 DKK
'Grævling' af Suzana Profeta
80⨯80 cm (H⨯W)
9.600 DKK
'Ræv' af Suzana Profeta
80⨯80 cm (H⨯W)
9.600 DKK

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Udstillings Datoer


My artworks have found their way to exhibitions both in Denmark and internationally. I take pride in having had solo exhibitions at Kulturhuset Islands Brygge and Vestamager Biblioteket. My paintings have been showcased at renowned venues such as Centro Cultural FIESP in São Paulo, Filosoffen in Odense, and Helligåndshuset in Copenhagen. I have also exhibited at Galleri de kleine toonzaal in Holland, Galleri Artless in France, Galleri Dynamisk Stilhed in Århus, Byens Hus in Gentofte, Faaborg-Midtfyn Kommunes Kunstforening, and many more. These exhibitions have not only provided me with the opportunity to share my art but also to connect with art enthusiasts and gather inspiration from diverse cultures and environments.

My art has found its place not only on the walls of galleries but also in homes, businesses, and collections around the world. A recognized PR agency adorned their spaces with more than 10 of my oil paintings, creating a unique atmosphere of creativity and inspiration. In addition to this, my works have found their way to art associations, private collectors, and dedicated art lovers.

In Brazil, I am represented by Galeria Arte Universale, where my artworks have the chance to shine on an international stage and connect with the art community in South America.

Thank you for taking the time to explore my artistic journey. I hope that my works can touch your mind and heart in the same way they have enriched my own experiences as an artist.

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