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Benefits of Kunstsamlingen

Buy quality art

Kunstsamlingen is Denmark's most proactive online gallery with a large selection of art and paintings for sale. All paintings sold by the Art Collection are of the highest quality. We offer paintings in many different styles (abstract paintings, modern paintings, group paintings, motif paintings, colorful paintings) and constantly focus on enhancing the quality and user experience of the art.

Picture on the wall

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Which painting should I choose?

'Which painting should I choose?' This question many people ask themselves when looking for art for the home. It is not that easy, as it often depends on one's other interior design. There are many paintings and art to choose from. There are abstract paintings, modern paintings, paintings with motifs, the new and modern group of paintings (a painting consisting of 2 or more canvases) and so on. What type and colors the painting should have depends on many different things. It depends on whether you have furnished your home with furniture and wall paint in many or few colors or whether you have light or dark walls. For example, if you have a very colorful home, a painting in slightly darker and simpler colors would probably be preferable, whereas if you have a home where there are not as many colors, then the natural choice might be a modern painting in strong and powerful colors. Our artists offer a wide range of motifs and color choices, and if you can't find the right painting for your home, then many of our artists would like to help in your painting.

It pays off - to buy art here.

Each artist has made an agreement with Kunstsamlingen to use only professional quality materials. This ensures that the artworks can last for many years to come. Therefore, Kunstsamlingen can give the works a stamp of quality.

Buy your paintings online

Kunstsamlingen is both an online gallery and a physical gallery where we have paintings for sale. Being an online gallery means that we sell our modern paintings directly from the artist. The art collection also exhibits from time to time its modern paintings in different parts of the country, so that interested customers have the opportunity to see a selection up close. You can follow us on our Facebook page, where we publish when and where we exhibit.

Passionate and committed artists

At Kunstsamlingen we have a collaboration with a number of very talented and passionate Nordic artists, who are truly honored to deliver beautiful art. Many of our artists work full time as artists, and in addition to their collaboration with the gallery Kunstsamlingen have their own galleries from which they also sell art. All our artists have many years of experience, which is reflected in the highly detailed and varied art.

A large selection of colorful and modern paintings for the living room

Art creates contrasts, warmth, synergy and good atmosphere in the home. Paintings and other art are an important part of our home today, and something that we possess to a greater or lesser extent. We at the Art Collection have a vision of being the preferred place to shop beautiful and unique art for the home. We try to bring new and exciting artists to the Art Collection with modern art in all colors and shapes that fulfill the wishes of our customers.

Your Art - Your Profit

Thousands of customers already love our platform. The 'Picture on the Wall' application sets new standards for how to view art on your own wall. Marketing on Social Media and Kunstsamlingen.dk we think in new directions, and out of the box to find new art loving customers. We are a dedicated team that has experience and expertise in marketing - We are passionate about that. Our goal is to connect artists and buyers and then we have 0% commission on your own sales, which we call 'Your Art - Your Profit'.