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Fortæl kunstneren hvem du er

Monica Kristensen

Monica Kristensen

Funny how my imagination has somehow always surpassed real life. When I was a child, small and large stories were created through play with friends. Magical moments occurred when I designed homemade furniture for my barbie dolls, or read 'Silver Arrow' and afterwards played with my brother's toy animals, not to mention his fort with cowboys and Indian figures.

Heroes and anti-heroes emerged and I dreamed like in a fairy tale that I was riding a beautiful horse across the endless hunting fields.... (hmmm...actually I still do when I watch an old cowboy movie).

I also spent a lot of time as a child just in the company of myself.

Loved music then as now, and enjoyed playing on my parent's tape recorder.

I wasn't very old when I became aware of the piano playing in Bowie's 'Life on Mars', and remember pestering my mother constantly because I couldn't read her telling me which side of the Aretha Franklin single to turn to upwards, so I could hear ´I say a little prayer´ - a cross was put in the end....I think that music has helped to create a part in my head.....

Now and always.

The imagination runs free.....when I'm in nature, when I keep an eye on the deadly things that happen between the birds on the feeder in the garden, when I'm in my own thoughts, watching TV and even during conversation with others.

Through my pictures I try to bring memories to life and create new adventures to think about.

But you know that yourself...