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Valeria Krynetskaya

Valeria Krynetskaya

I'm a self-taught artist from Copenhagen, Denmark (born in St. Pete, Russia). I'm vegan and passionate about animal equality and environmental sustainability.

Like Franz Marc said 'I found people 'ugly' very early on; animals seemed to me more beautiful, more pure.' I have started my creative journey with the feeling alike. I dedicate my art to represent the voice of animals and contribute to the movement of earth protection.

Close observation of nature and animals unfolds spiritual concepts to me. I enjoy travelling around the world, immersing into the untouched nature, where humans are rare guests and the wild rules. Unfortunately, such places are becoming rare in this materialistic world, dominated by the mindless subjugation of the many by the powerful egotistical will of the few.

In March 2018, I travelled to Costa Rica, where I encountered a great variety of birds in the wild, who left a strong impression on me. Currently, I'm working on the series of birds, whom I see as the bridge between myself and the universe, teaching me to become a spiritually free and aware individual who can ‘fly’, figuratively speaking.

In painting, I draw knowledge from the great masters, who left behind clues guiding me through my creative journey. Specifically, I closely study Kandinsky, Marc, Munter (Der Blaue Reiter) as well as Goethe, where I’m researching color, light, form and space.

You can visit my Instagram page @valeria.cph or write me to valeria.cph@gmail.com if you would like to see more of my paintings.

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