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Red Hoses

25.000 DKK (3356 EURO)

Kunstner: Kenneth Tom Olsen
Maleri: Akryl på bomuld/Polyester lærred
Kunstretning: Abstrakt
Bredde: 150 cm
Højde: 120 cm

Kunst profil

Kenneth T. Olsen – 1968A change of pace. A change of lifestyle. A change for the better. Life as a telecom CEO is challenging and inspiring, but it does not compare to the freedom you experience as an artist, fulfilling your dream of artistic integrity and your need to express yourself. I am proud to pursue new goals in life and I sincerely hope you are curious about my art and my personal quest. Feel free to get in touch to learn more

From business to pleasure

I have painted since my youth. My first inspiration was my father, who for many years painted naturalistic motives. I myself seek more inward and explore my personal state of mind in search of new artistic expressions. This is reflected in my interpretations of light and dark in ever new dynamics.

Since the 1990s I have worked with oil and acrylic, and I use both brushes, spatulas and spray. The experimental options of the oil/acrylic combination inspire me, and I will never grow tired of exploring the limits.

The same drive has characterized my business career, which has lasted more than 20 years following my service in the Danish Air Force. Most recently as CEO of a telecommunications company, which I through the years – along with talented employees – helped develop into a successful company in a steady growth.

My change from business to pleasure has been both well-considered and spontaneous. Well-considered, because painting always has been a part of my life. And spontaneous, because the time right now has been ideal for taking the leap. I have quit my career at the top and this has given me a great boost for new artistic adventures.

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