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Henrik Bakmann

Henrik Bakmann

Henrik Bakmann is a Danish award-winning contemporary artist who is known both nationally and internationally for his impressive digital collages of colorful abstract landscapes. Bakmann's images are a combination of his fascination with landscapes and his use of technology. He has managed to create a unique style that captures the essence of landscapes while pushing the boundaries of what digital artwork can be.

Bakmann's works are colorful and complex collages that create a feeling of peace and tranquility, and show a world of fantasy and beauty. His art is created by processing photos of different surfaces and patterns and putting them together into imaginative landscapes. The pictures thus become an expression of his feelings and dreams and his desire is therefore to give wings to the imagination to fly out to the people and give the outside world the opportunity to form their own imaginative dreams and experience, thereby making the art experience personal. Each and every one of his pictures carries an important message about how important it is to take care of our land and wildlife. His images are meant as a reminder to all of us that we have a shared responsibility to preserve our planet.

He was only a small child when his grandfather introduced him to art, but it wasn't until he was 12-13 years old that he started drawing himself.

In his younger days, however, it was not art that filled his time. He taught children and young people drama, which led to an educational advertisement for drama director and later drama pedagogic art and cultural mediator for children and young people.

He has also published two youth books.

Today, the interest in his pictures is so great that he now works full-time with the art.