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Maria Lundsten

Maria Lundsten

My name is Maria Lundsten and I am the artist behind the works you are looking at.

I have always loved painting and decorating my walls with my own art. I paint modern figuratively and always with a twist that hopefully arouses the curiosity and imagination of the viewer. I have worked as a graphic designer for over 20 years and each painting is first conceived on paper, after which it develops on the canvas and new ideas emerge along the way. I paint with acrylic paint and pencil and love to bring out a multi-layered effect using shadows and depth. Uses large free brush strokes which often end up with fine controlled details.

I sign on the back of the canvas with signature and year, and on the front with a mark with (M), which characterizes the brand.

All canvases and materials are of the highest quality and lacquered with UV lacquer so that they do not fade with time.

Hope you like it.

You are always very welcome to contact me for more information.

Many greetings
Maria Lundsten