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Karen Margrethe Hartvig

Karen Margrethe Hartvig

My name is Karen Margrethe Hartvig. Actually I am from the north of Denmark, I have been around a bit with my family because of work. My time in Warsaw opened my eyes to art in general, and since then I have , whenever possible, sought courses and painting communities and thereby developed my skills. I'm still learning - if not, I guess you're stuck. This is also where I find peace - and you will find this expression in many of my paintings.

Others say about me: ' Working explorative and reflective, sensually. In close contact with her materials. Notices the surfaces, the structure and the vibration that arise along the way, and only finishes when the right texture and mood are in place.

Inspiration comes from every where – a word spoken, nature, politics, history. The wind that touching my cheek .