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Fortæl kunstneren hvem du er

Røllike Meinild

Røllike Meinild

Let's go banana!
Nature, where most of us draw strength, joy and peace of mind, is central to my works. I also find inspiration in organic material and nature's own patterns, among other things like food, bark and stones.
In addition to that, I dry banana peels and give them color. That way, they get a life of their own. A kind of rebirth: From trash to treasure. In the dried banana peels I see beings that may resemble people or animals. With a bit of irony, they adds humor to the pictures.
Together with today's moods, impressions and photos, I transform the many layers in Photoshop. In a mysterious way, I faintly 'see' the image in my stomach and switch off my brain while the work is called up.
Fortunately, everything I've learned about visual art over forty years is on my spine. Knowledge that emerges by itself, in a creation process that feels fantastic.
The artistic expression is unique, is printed on aluminum and appears elegant and rustic.