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Mette Halkjær Rasmussen

Mette Halkjær Rasmussen

Hello to everyone.
My name is Mette Halkjær Rasmussen, Artist name Reajklah.
For the last couple of years, I have been working on further developing my self-taught painting technique, which means that all my works today are painted with a plastic card that is the same size as a credit card.
I paint freehand and use layer upon layer technique, which creates an interesting effect, from which my works convey the stories I find exciting to interpret artistically.
The process from thought to canvas is for me an immersive process where I transform my thoughts into a concrete image for my inner gaze.
However, the image is never completely determined in advance in color combinations, it is a process I like to nerd with along the way.
My works all spring from a personal commitment, emotions, experiences, as well as taking a stand on the realities of life. Where I try to put realism and symbols in new contexts, and where I strive hard for my own attitudes and opinions to step into the background so that the viewer through his own approach to irony, humor and seriousness can create his own understanding of the messages in my works most often ambiguous.