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Louise Hjorth Jespersen

Louise Hjorth Jespersen

I’m educated at the School of Architecture in Aarhus and have experience from many years of working digitally with design and graphics. I realised that I prefer working with physical material, so now I paint in my studio i Aarhus C.

I paint because it gives me an intoxicating feeling of freedom!

I paint abstract because it’s a great way of processing complex stories from a mind that doesn’t think visually. See my works as a session of associations (thoughts, words, images) that have only been frozen for a second. The visual elements move in different directions because of an undercurrent that pushes, resolves and rejects static objects.

I also paint faces that are strongly influenced by ceramic sculptures. Uneven cracks and colors in clay and glazings respond very well to my wish for dynamic movement whereas perfection would be static to me. I want to push proportions and I find immense joy in creating recognizable features with very abstract techniques.

I paint expressively and experimentally with room for any serendipities. Every brushstroke is a new association and the possibilities with colors, textures, methods and tools are endless. I usually mix colors directly on the canvas and I also add and remove paperrippings from old books, because of the detailed surprises this can create.

All this ultimately provide the balance between graphic expression, quivering intensity and emotional satiety that determines that the painting is done.