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Lili Nielsen

Lili Nielsen

I have been painting for the last 15 years. However retirement and 6 months course, at Aarhus Art Academy, really initiated a more intense and deliberate process with my painting

My heart beats for the abstract painting, and acrylics fit my temper perfectly. I`m inspired by social matters and the human condition. The perception af my work is ment to be intuitive. I prefer a raw and rustic expression that grabs your attention and ignites your curiosity.

I love painting - with a spatula, sponge, plastic card, rag and brush - and I feel completely relaxed working in my studio. I work intuitively wih abstraction and simplicity - for me 'less is more'.

With the expression af simplicity I wish to inspire immersion and sense of calm.

In 2017 and 2019 I have had works in tree censored exhibitions.