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Holger Poulsen

Holger Poulsen

1Why I became a artist ... For me, visual art was a completely natural choice when I worked as an Art Director, Graphic Designer and Illustrator in the advertising industry. I just had to keep up the creative pace. As Art Director you think / sketch / Illustrate advertising campaigns, brochures, commercials etc ...

So the desire to paint - anything - was great. But after the trip to New York, and especially Manhattan, it quickly became clear that I had to capture the amazing pulse and demange and strong colors this metropolis had - and has.

Manhattan ...

My motifs are rarely completely abstract, but sometimes I enjoy making naturalistic motifs, albeit with a rough brush / spatula, which in my opinion becomes far more interesting than photos. This also applies to the motifs from Manhattan. And fortunately, I have hit a theme like Manhattan, for there is an inexhaustible wealth of motifs, motifs that it has turned out that very many people have embraced, to their large white walls, in the currently mini-malistically furnished apartments and houses. Strangely enough, it turned out - after experiencing the big city colors and pulse, that I, after a few trips to the South of France and Italy, became almost as enthusiastic about the cities and landscapes down here. Small and large medieval towns, situated incredibly beautifully in the mountains, surrounded by olive groves and vineyards, simply had to be transferred to canvas. Here, however, it is a completely different and much gentler palette that is needed, but it comes completely by itself, even when you stand in the middle of these landscapes.

Italy ...

You know it well from yourself, for example go for a walk in? Trastevere? in Rome, and see the ocher-colored houses, then it does not get much better. Rome is a fiercely charming city, just sit in places like Navona or the Pantheon, soak up the atmosphere, enjoy a cappuccino, a cool glass of white wine, or just? Glo? on life here, gives me itching in my fingers to get started with the burnt colors.