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Gitte Veje
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Gitte Veje

My method is 'the planned figurative image'. I have an idea and a “projection” of how the picture should end when I start - but of course things happen along the way.

Often the painting starts with a room/some kind of a scene and a mood. Here, a fable or story is told - mine or the viewer's own story - often with wallpaper and patterns in the background.

It can be hares of all ages in a room where a dandelion has broken through the tiles, white rabbits on fans and globes or 41 canaries at an 'appropriate distance' from each other. You can also find an Ukrainian budgie that has been blown off course. I think the well-used Mardi Gras crown is full of history, joy and culture.

Some of the pictures are simply an expression of joy of colours, patterns, wallpapers, quirks, nature and simply the joy of painting. It is very satisfying to try to make the paintings beautiful or finely balanced and very often with a supporting humorous element.

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Hør på hør  af Gitte Veje
30⨯24 cm (H⨯W)
2.200 DKK
Love  af Gitte Veje
30⨯24 cm (H⨯W)
2.200 DKK
Vifte med magisk kanin af Gitte Veje
80⨯100 cm (H⨯W)
5.500 DKK

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