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Tina Bjerregaard
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Tina Bjerregaard

Danish self-taught painter (born 1968) and has been painting for 20 years. My artistic expression is abstract, expressive, spontaneous, and occasionally a twist of naivety.

I paint intuitively and spontaneously. Nothing is planned. The paintings are through many repetitive and constructive layers and structures, so that the paintings appear raw, effervescent and at the same time signal calm. My paintings are a bit like us humans - they also consist of many layers. Some layers are more transparent and can be seen through,
while others are more persistent and closed. The many different layers create a person's personality as well as the character of a painting. The many details make it unique.
The hours in front of the canvas are pure contemplation and a journey through the entire emotional register. Joy, frustration, concentration, excitement and exhaustion.
I have always had a great interest in aesthetics and home / garden decor both outside and inside.

Nature is pure inspiration to me, and what I see and experience, I try to bring into my paintings. I have always loved colors when they match each other. I also love flowers and beautiful things. For me, balance is the most important thing in my finished paintings. I cannot explain when the balance is there, it just suddenly happens. The balance is important for the overall visual perception. We need balance in all aspects of life. In our homes, at our work, in our relationships and in our art. I love playing with different colors and techniques. I love the fact that there is no conclusion in advance and that the result can go in several different directions.

I live in a house in Haderslev with Morten and have two grown children Mads and Laura, who have moved away from home several years ago, and got on well. I love animals and dogs especially and am the happy owner of a little new cocker Spaniel, Arthur, after our old cocker Victor has become the most beautiful star after 14 wonderful years. We live close to a beautiful nature area - as much as I love getting out there, I also love just to be at home.

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Mine værker

Spring af Tina Bjerregaard
120⨯100 cm (H⨯W)
6.400 DKK
Peace af Tina Bjerregaard
140⨯100 cm (H⨯W)
8.500 DKK
Happy day af Tina Bjerregaard
100⨯90 cm (H⨯W)
6.495 DKK
The power of dreams af Tina Bjerregaard
100⨯90 cm (H⨯W)
6.495 DKK
Homeland  af Tina Bjerregaard
80⨯60 cm (H⨯W)
2.495 DKK
Kissing black bird af Tina Bjerregaard
50⨯50 cm (H⨯W)
1.595 DKK
Here comes the sun  af Tina Bjerregaard
60⨯60 cm (H⨯W)
1.895 DKK
Red Lady af Tina Bjerregaard
200⨯150 cm (H⨯W)
16.000 DKK
Out of nowhere af Tina Bjerregaard
120⨯50 cm (H⨯W)
3.400 DKK
Follow af Tina Bjerregaard
100⨯120 cm (H⨯W)
6.400 DKK
Dance in the rain af Tina Bjerregaard
100⨯110 cm (H⨯W)
6.295 DKK
The Perfect Wave af Tina Bjerregaard
50⨯50 cm (H⨯W)
1.595 DKK
Balance In Energi  af Tina Bjerregaard
80⨯80 cm (H⨯W)
5.350 DKK
Soft af Tina Bjerregaard
80⨯60 cm (H⨯W)
2.495 DKK
A Refreshing af Tina Bjerregaard
60⨯50 cm (H⨯W)
1.695 DKK
Patchwork af Tina Bjerregaard
50⨯50 cm (H⨯W)
1.595 DKK
Good times  af Tina Bjerregaard
50⨯50 cm (H⨯W)
1.595 DKK
Hulens hemmeligheder af Tina Bjerregaard
100⨯100 cm (H⨯W)
5.695 DKK
Always af Tina Bjerregaard
50⨯40 cm (H⨯W)
1.195 DKK
Fly to the moon af Tina Bjerregaard
50⨯50 cm (H⨯W)
1.595 DKK
Drømmende vinger af Tina Bjerregaard
90⨯120 cm (H⨯W)
6.200 DKK

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