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Jeanett Knipschildt
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Jeanett Knipschildt

J. Knipschildt
Jeanett Knipschildt designs and hand weaves acoustic contemporary sustainable art in 100% Merino wool.

She graduated in Visual Communication in 1997 and worked in the creative industry in London. Jeanett and her family recently returned from 3 years in New York where she studied Interior Design at Parsons School of Design. This is where she started producing her handmade wall wool art. The bigger wallhanger pieces called WOOLWALLS are woven on a brass stick and carry a unique jewellery piece. Dream Catchers are handwoven on a 40cm brass ring and come in different color harmonies called 'When Dreaming...' CHAOTIC SQUARES artworks are tied up with wool weavings in squares.WOOL FALL is flowdy wool art pieces hanging from a 20cm iron circle.

Her wool art has a homely feel and fits perfectly into the world famous Nordic and interior design style.

Jeanett Knipschildt also creates bespoke pieces for clients, institutions and businesses.

The artworks are all made from sustainable materials:

All artworks are made of 100% Merino wool from Europe. The pieces are handmade and created with different kinds of recycled metals or wood.

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Udstillings Datoer


2021 Kunst Salonen, Frederiksberg, DK
2007 Mixed media Xmas exhibition, Kings road Galleries, west London, UK
2007 Mixed media exhibition, Borough Marked Gallery, South bank, London, UK
1999 Mixed madia - private exhibition, Kunstbygningen Filosoffen, Odense, DK
2003 Painting for ‘Obesity Awareness Day’ at Air Gallery, (www.airgallery.co.uk), central London, UK
1994 Mixed media - private exhibition in Gallery Morgen, Luxenbourg
Offices/shop exhibition:
2021 Wool art shop ; Hagen Tisvilde, Denmark
2021 Wool arts at Finn Juhl showroom, Cph, Denmark
2021 Wool arts at HOLMRIS B8 showroom, Cph, Denmark
2020/21 Wool arts at Nyt i Bo shop, Cph, Denmark
2020 Window wool art exhibion at shop; Leah Maria, Charlottenlund, denamrk
2020 Wool arts at shop Hell YES, Ryesgade, Cph, Denmark
2006 Mixed media exhibiton at Large Design Office, Shoreditch, London, Uk
2006 Mixed media exhibiton at cafe Chocopolgie, CT, USA

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