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Johanna Kollmann Maia

I am a German-born artist now permanently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Throughout my life I have also lived in Africa and Australia and have traveled extensively which has influenced my artistic style. I have a deep love for animals and nature and am strongly drawn to African and Native American tribal patterns which is reflected in many of my artworks. Usually my paintings come into existence from a need to express and work through a certain emotion or feeling. My love of bold colours stems from an admiration of the German and Scandinavian Expressionist artists that I have adored since I was a young child.

Mine værker

it's time af Johanna Kollmann Maia
36⨯51 cm (H⨯B)
4.800 DKK
the struggle af Johanna Kollmann Maia
42⨯59,4 cm (H⨯B)
5.000 DKK
simple twist of fate af Johanna Kollmann Maia
46⨯61 cm (H⨯B)
4.500 DKK


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Kunstsamlingen sørger blot for kontakten. Vi har intet med salget og evt. uoverenstemmelser at gøre.

!! Dit kunstkøb går ubeskåret til kunstneren !!