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BATES GreatBates

BATES GreatBates

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Bates began writing graffiti in his early teens and despite his tender age soon became one of the most prolific artists within Copenhagen’s budding hip- hop scene of the mid 1980-ties. Already in 1989 he was considered among the leading elite of European graffiti artists – including names such as Loomit from Germany, Mode 2 and Bando from Paris, Delta and Shoe from Amsterdam.

With the internationalization of the European graffiti of the early 1990-ties the rumour of Bates stylistic elegance spread even further and he soon be- came of the most sought after artists for the big venues around the continent and overseas. He has been invited to paint in more than 30 countries, on all five continents. In 1998 he was the second artist to be featured in On the Run’s biographical series on international graffiti writers.

In his graffiti art Bates combines a traditionalist New York feeling for style – with an emphasis on a logic flow of letters, dynamic and swinging rhythms of bars and arrows – with a European sense of technique, of sharp lines, with a graphic verve and an near flawless can control.

Solo shows

  • • Bates “AfterWork’ aw pop-up show at Lokal 17, Malmo Sweden 25 oct. 2019
  • • Bates “New York Bash” at Lazy Susan Gallery (lower east side) NYC New York USA April 2019
  • • Bates “Stealing the moment” Art is just a 4 letter word, Soest/Germany Dec. 2017
  • • Bates “California Dreaming” Buckshot Gallery Los Angeles April 2016
  • • Bates 'Selfmade' Konstart Gallery Stockholm August 2015
  • • Bates 'Style In Progress' at Partisan Creative Corner Gallery in Soest/Germany Friday 22 May 2015
  • • Bates Goes Stockholm at Gallery Jan Wallmark /May 14 2015
  • • Bates ”Malmø State of mind' Still Kicking Gallery Malmø September 2014
  • • Bates ”Signs And Labels' Konstart Stockholm April 2014
  • • Bates ”Still going strong 1984-2014' Le-Fix Gallery Copenhagen March 2014
  • • Bates ”Sign my name' Urban art room Gothenburg Sweden October 2013
  • • Bates ”Bits and Pieces” Montana Gallery Montpellier France June 2013
  • • Bates “The Way He Writes”, HL gallery, Stockholm, August 2012
  • • Bates/Bjørndahl ”Appreciation for Letters”, Galerie-Issue (Marquis-Art Gallery), Paris, May 2012
  • • Bates ”A Piece of Me”, Lauritz Auction House, Malmö, November 2011
  • • Bates “mini exhibition”, Spectrum, Milan, April 2011
  • • Bates “Solo Show”, Hanna G, Malmö, March 2011
  • • Bates ”It’s about time”, Copenhagen StreetWear, Copenhagen, October 2009

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Selected group shows and auctions

• “Unwritten” UnFamous group show at 198 Allen Street NYC Dec.12 2019 (A NYC typography exhibition) USA
• “Urban Art” group show Dr. Fischer auction Nov.16 2019 Heilbronn, Germany
• “BIO” Bates, Inkie and Otto Schade Pure Evil Gallery Nov.21 2019 London United Kingdom U.K
• The Art Élysées–Art & Design fair, Oct 2019 Galerie Wallworks represented Bates at Booth Number Stand 517 E 17-21, Paris, France
• Unframed Expo 13-22 Sept 2019 in Heerlen, Netherlands
• Street Art/Urban Contemporary at Galerie Knud Grothe 6 July-18 Aug Charlottenlund, Denmark
• Konstutstallning Graffiti for homeless people kulturhotellet 8. dec 2018 Helsingborg, Sweden
• Underground Classics at galleri KonstArt 25th May 2019, in Stockholm, Sweden
• “GRAFFITI OU PAS” represented by Galerie Wallworks 29-30 May - 2019 Paris, France
• Underground Classics pop-up at restaurang Hillenberg 23 Nov. 2018 Stockholm, Sweden
• All In One crew 30 years/Oft tour pop-up show Urtegata 11, 13 Out. 2018 Oslo, Norway
• Art is where the heart is vol. three Galerie Droste/West Lotto 1. September 2018 in Munster, Germany
• The Mayfair Hotel Aug .17, 2018 Los Angeles, Usa
• Joybo street art festival, 2018 2/1-2/4 Chongqing, China
• Urban Air Fair, Bates represented by Galerie Wallworks 12-15 April 2018 Paris, France
• Galerie Wallworks “Action Man 68” 4. May 2018, Paris, France
• Galerie Knud Grothe “Off the wall” July 2017 , Copenhagen, Denmark
• Masters of graffiti exhibition August 2017 aalsmeer, Netherlands
• “Off The Wall” Art Stage 11 august 2017 Sheraton Hotel Mezzanine, Jakarta, Indonesia
• Galerie Knud Grothe ‘Off The Wall' Sat Jul 08 2017 Charlottenlund, Denmark
• Galerie Knud Grothe “Urban Contemporary Art” Saturday, October 1, 2016 /Bates/Zoro Charlottenlund, Denmark
• The Longest graffiti scroll is 2,245.4 m (7366 ft 9 in) created by The Office of H. H. The Crown Prince of Dubai (UAE), 30 November 2014 in Dubai, UAE
• 156 Allstarz / 30th Anniversary Event / “By Our Own Rules” / Bronx Museum Of Arts / 2015 New York City, Usa
• Morceaux De Rue group show June/s=Sept -2015 Galerie wallworks Paris, France
• STREET ART WEEK group exhibition(Bates, Inkie, Byhr) at Ski Lodge April 2015 Sälen, Sweden
• BATES, INKIE, BYHR på Enköpings konsthall. 22 nov/14 dec 2014 Enköping, Sweden
• Turned street art / 2014 Wallery gallery and Daniel Franzen Bunker Hill Stockholm, Sweden
• Yard 5 and Friends Summer Art Show 2014 July Urban Spree Revaler Str. 99 Berlin, Germany
• 'Urban Art Room Live' pop-up show Ski Lodge April 2014 Amara Por Dios, Inkie, Flesh and Bates in Sälen, Sweden
• 'The Seventh Letter'gallery 7 dec. 2013, Los Angeles, Usa
• ”Kaos Bates” Galleri Konstart August 2013 Stockholm, Sweden
• ”Who the cap fit” Yakin & Boaz Gallery, May 2013, Casablanca, Morocco
• “Stuck On the City” (“MÐstem Posedlí”) with Smash, How & Nosm, Swoon, Delta (et al) October 2012 at Prague City Gallery, Prague, Czech
• ”Its All About The Letters”, with Jurne and Great at V9 Gallery, April 2012 Warsaw, Poland
• “Leave the Beef on the BBQ” with Dondi, Iz the Wiz, Rammellzee, Cope2, CesOne, Yes2 (et al) at Guerrero Gallery August 2012, San Francisco, Usa
• ”Graff Roots” with Side, Ruskig, Erse, Ikaroz, Blue, Nug at Lauritz Auction House, April 2012, Malmö, Sweden
• ”Paintopia” with Duro, James TOP, Loomit, ECB, Puppet, Faith47 (et al), at Lauritz Auction House,March 2012, Århus, Denmark
• “Off the Wall” with Poet, Great, Soten, Miss Take, Don John, at Lauritz Auction House, Carlsberg byen

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