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Malin Östlund

The artist Malin Östlund’s work is like an intuitive connection to the beautiful and poetic side of life.

Dreamy paintings filled with friendly souls, a gate to the garden of the senses which opens a world where you can dream and rest.

Her paintings are created with a mix of classical portrait painting and a more modern expression, that sometimes even tends to the abstract.

Malin has always had the creativity with her ever since childhood. She has always expressed herself in drawing and painting and making sculptures in different materials.

Since her first solo exhibition in 2010, she has participated in several jury-rated, collective and separate exhibitions. Today she work as a full time artist in her studio in central Skellefteå, and has clients and collectors around the world.

”My creative mind consists of one beautiful feeling where there is no darkness. I’m taking a step into a more present world where dreams can flourished and happiness always has a given place. I hope the viewer can feel the presence of human and the beauty of life, which I want to convey in my art. Nature, flowers and human inner strength and ability are something that inspires me a lot.
When I start a painting I rarely know what the subject will be like. I always start applying a lot of colors on the white cloth until I find the right feel and color combination. Then I build the colors in layers until I have achieved the expression and the composition sought”

Mine værker

Keep on walking af Malin Östlund
50⨯50 cm (H⨯B)
7.498 SEK
Solbrud af Malin Östlund
100⨯70 cm (H⨯B)
15.000 SEK
Sommardröm af Malin Östlund
80⨯80 cm (H⨯B)
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Beyond time af Malin Östlund
100⨯120 cm (H⨯B)
21.000 SEK
On hold af Malin Östlund
50⨯20 cm (H⨯B)
4.500 SEK
Wish me luck af Malin Östlund
80⨯60 cm (H⨯B)
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Afternoon tea af Malin Östlund
100⨯100 cm (H⨯B)
16.500 SEK
No words needed af Malin Östlund
60⨯50 cm (H⨯B)
8.500 SEK
Bourgogne moments af Malin Östlund
80⨯80 cm (H⨯B)
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Fågelungen af Malin Östlund
100⨯100 cm (H⨯B)
18.000 SEK
Path to freedom af Malin Östlund
100⨯100 cm (H⨯B)
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The inner silence af Malin Östlund
80⨯80 cm (H⨯B)
13.500 SEK


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