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Helle Blom

A state of mind, an emotional expression, a movement or a pause, power and beauty. Using different materials and different techniques on paper, Helle Blom explores to capture the essential traits of life in its simplicity as well as its complexity. Often with humans or animals as the primary motive.

Helle Blom graduated from the School of Architecture in Aarhus in 2004. With a life long passion for illustration, painting and visuel arts, she now combines her experience in both architecture and art. Working on paper, sketching, planning and refining her ideas, giving form to the project in an intense proces. The results comes out either as art on paper or creative projects in interior and exterior surroundings.

Mine værker

In the Shadow af Helle Blom
110⨯80 cm (H⨯B)
8.200 DKK
Steady af Helle Blom
85⨯65 cm (H⨯B)
6.800 DKK
Crane af Helle Blom
85⨯65 cm (H⨯B)
6.200 DKK
Fragile#1 af Helle Blom
85⨯65 cm (H⨯B)
6.500 DKK
Fragile#2 af Helle Blom
85⨯65 cm (H⨯B)
6.500 DKK


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