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Kristin Holm Dybvig

Artistic statement

Kristin Holm Dybvig.

Panting has always been a part of my life and it’s in the language of colors I feel most at home.

I live on the West coast of Norway on a peninsula close to mountains and fjords. The nature inspires me, the elements and it's ever changing colors with its intrusiveness and persistence, and its changeability reminding me of the ever passingof time.

The last two years I have been working full time with my art. I am very exited that I have got this opportunity, after a life of working in different artistic paths. This is my time, I am devoted explore my art and to you use my potential to the fullest.

Soft pastels open up to a more intuitive method and by using my hands as tools it facilitates a more direct and immediate approach that suits me well.I build the colors layer by layer and mix them on the paper, soft pastels open for both opacity and transparency witch I love.

Mine værker

Cascading Vivacity 22 af Kristin Holm Dybvig
25⨯16,5 cm (H⨯B)
3.500 NOK
Along the Riverbank 3 af Kristin Holm Dybvig
26⨯36 cm (H⨯B)
5.500 NOK
Forest Greens af Kristin Holm Dybvig
33⨯33 cm (H⨯B)
5.000 NOK
Forest Greens 2  af Kristin Holm Dybvig
33⨯33 cm (H⨯B)
5.000 NOK
Cascading Vivacity 27 af Kristin Holm Dybvig
74,5⨯55 cm (H⨯B)
8.000 NOK
Colour Poetry 2 af Kristin Holm Dybvig
67⨯48,5 cm (H⨯B)
8.000 NOK
Cascading Vivacity 20 af Kristin Holm Dybvig
51⨯35,5 cm (H⨯B)
6.500 NOK
Song of Shards af Kristin Holm Dybvig
72⨯52,5 cm (H⨯B)
8.000 NOK
Colour Poetry 3 af Kristin Holm Dybvig
69⨯51 cm (H⨯B)
8.000 NOK
Colour Poetry 4 af Kristin Holm Dybvig
72,5⨯53 cm (H⨯B)
8.000 NOK
Cascading Vivacity 16 af Kristin Holm Dybvig
74,5⨯54,5 cm (H⨯B)
8.000 NOK
Cascading Vivacity 18 af Kristin Holm Dybvig
48⨯36 cm (H⨯B)
6.200 NOK
Cascading Vivacity 7 af Kristin Holm Dybvig
47⨯35 cm (H⨯B)
6.200 NOK
Cascading Vivacity 14 af Kristin Holm Dybvig
36⨯29 cm (H⨯B)
5.500 NOK
Cascading Vivacity 6. af Kristin Holm Dybvig
74,5⨯54,5 cm (H⨯B)
8.000 NOK


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