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Josefine Winding

For me, it is all about shape, surface and spatial awareness.

Ever since I was a child, art and sculptures in particular, have been an important part of my life. I spent much of my childhood in my grandfather’s studio and his three-dimensional grasp of shadows, depths, curves and balance has shaped the way I approach my own work today.

I have always been fascinated with the abstract, powerful, and simple artistic idiom.
As I create my sculptures, I strive for balance more so between linear and geometric lines versus asymmetric and mobile. The depiction of these contrasting ideals gives rise to something exciting - something that I am continuously exploring. A sense of tension emerges in the sculpture, as if it might expand or sprout new limbs at any moment.

I give my sculptures a calm, stringent and rustic exterior in order to let shapes play the principal role in the artistic experience. I aim for a synergy between shape and surface when the surface supports and highlights the shape while the shape brings out the beauty and vitality of the surface through the sculpture’s position in the room and the light that falls on it.

Mine værker

Untitled af Josefine Winding
32⨯24 cm (H⨯B)
3.500 DKK



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