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Heidi Lind Bonde

My name is Heidi Lind Bonde. I am a Danish artist and have worked as a professionel artist since 2004. My artwork is a diary of my soul. My artwork is abstract, from the powerful in many colors to the more peaceful and calm. The many colors and the black lines in my paintings, gather the compositions which all takes a spinn around the moment. With an authenticity coming directly from the subconsciousness the artwork is honest and free of thoughts.The artwork provides the viewer with a freedom and a fantasy to discover the many storytellings. What is obvious one day, may show something else the next day. I have had many exhibitions in Denmark, further more also both in Italy and Germany. I cooperate with Art galleries. I sell my art both to private persons and compagnies. Please contact me if you are interested in my artwork. Theres a lot more artwork on www.artretrieve.dk

My best artworks

Memories af Heidi Lind Bonde
Days in May af Heidi Lind Bonde
Zen af Heidi Lind Bonde

Exhibition Calendar

Udine, Italy
Fra 18-aug-2018 til 30-aug-2018

Udine, Italy
Fra 1-sep-2018 til 13-sep-2018



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