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4.800 DKK

This painting celebrates the love, unity and dance/ joy of a relationship. This is a dance painting on a grey background, acrylic and 3 d, in the dress are many colors and lots of shimmer, the stars fly around the canvas. The mans dress is red, The painting is signed both front and back, it is painted on the edges and do not need a frame. Dance paintings are happy, not perfect, naive and funny- they brings joy to your home. Glossy varnish. These dance paintings is meant to be a joyful break and they are never 'perfect' - more fun and encouraging - but still high quality.

Kunstner: Inge Thøgersen
Experienced artist
Maleri: Akryl på bomuld/Polyester lærred
Kunstretning: Pop Art
Bredde: 100 cm
Højde: 100 cm
Dybde: 2 cm

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