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Back to oils and classical cubism in its purest look. 90x70cm, oil on canvas. ‘It’s all about the girl’ is a masterpiece in the cleanest style of early cubism. Impressive, strong, heavy and full of powerful action. This painting is for the real lover of modern art. There won’t be done art prints from this original painting, so only the one and only original will exist. It is one of the very best, worked till perfection - in composition, light, technical layers of oil colours. Protected by professional varnish, removable branded and high-quality UV and dust protecting, satin. Provided by Certificate of authenticity, sold directly by the author.

Kunstner: Katerina Cechova
Academic artist
Maleri: Olie
Kunstretning: Kubisme
Bredde: 70 cm
Højde: 90 cm
Dybde: 1,5 cm

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