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10.500 DKK

Christian alexander's paintings are unique works painted on quality canvasses, and are generally made with primarily acrylic paints. Somewhat other medium, such as photography prints, spray paint and various liquids are also utilised to achieve the vision and desired result. The paintings are defined by depth and honesty, and christian alexander often deal with difficult, dark or even taboo-ridden subject and feelings, often in a very direct, and somewhat, provocative way. His works plays within a concept of chaos versus structure, and everything it brings with it, and an air of masculine and feminine values blended together. Honesty, self-awareness, energy, and spontaneity are important basic elements in his paintings and photographs.

Kunstner: Christian Alexander
Committed artist
Maleri: Akryl på bomuld/Polyester lærred
Kunstretning: Abstrakt
Bredde: 100 cm
Højde: 100 cm
Dybde: 4 cm

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